Myths & Facts About Working as a Police Officer

Working as a police officer is not a job that is right for everyone. It is dangerous but it also has many rewards. It is also a satisfying job that never brings a dull moment. But, there are tons of myths and misconceptions about police work out there and it is time that you learn the truth. So, you’ve come to the right place to get a bit of fact-based knowledge. Read below to learn a few common myths and facts about police work.

Only Guns

It is a myth that police officers use only guns to protect themselves and the community. Most officers nowadays carry Tasers with them, as well as baton sticks and the angel armor.  Most officers also have mace on them at all times. Police officers do not take chances when it is time to protect themselves. It is a risky job out there after all and police officers want to go home to their families when their shift is over. They take all precautions to keep themselves and the community safe.

Cops are Perfect

At least, some people think they are always in perfect shape. While it’d be ideal for an officer to be in shape and perfectly built, there are officers who come in all shapes and sizes.  In other areas, standards to become a police officer are high but it is not impossible to claim one of these positions if you are at least 21 years old, have a high school diploma, and have prior military service.

Police Don’t Get Scared

To say that a police officer doesn’t get scared is an all out lie. The truth is, there is always going to be fear of the unknown. Police officers walk into these situations on a daily basis. They do not let their fears show, however, as they have a duty to serve which they do at all costs. So if you think that a police officer is a brave soul who never gets scared when he is facing danger, think again because this simply is not true.

Women Shouldn’t be Police Officers

Police officer positions see no gender. Some people think the job is all about muscles but that is not always the case and women serve a great duty on the force alongside their male counterparts. Women are just as good as policing as a man. They have thick skin and serve a purpose on the force that a man just cannot. They have their skills and purpose in the field just like a man.

Working as a police officer has many challenges for men and women who are brave enough to dedicate their lives to this service. Hopefully the information above has broken any misconceptions about the job that you might’ve held before and now you have the truth in hand. Maybe you are considering work as a police officer like so many others. Good luck in your career and endeavors in the future.