Common Dental Procedures

Going to the dentist is something that everyone does on a regular basis, especially if they put a lot of effort into their overall oral care and wellness. But, if you haven’t been to visit a cosmetic dentist in peoria in awhile, you may not be completely sure as to what may be involved here. What procedures are most common?


We’ve all heard it – get your teeth cleaned every 6 months to have optimal oral health. And it’s true – you get the best results if you get a full cleaning from a dental hygienist twice a year. Your teeth need that sort of care and the hygienist may be able to find trouble spots so that you can get the treatment you need. Cleanings usually last around an hour, depending on the condition of your mouth, and when all is said and done, your mouth will feel fantastic.


If you have a cavity or another issue, you will find that you need to get some sort of treatment in order to correct it. The most common way to deal with cavities is to go ahead and get a filling. The dentist will go into the space where the cavity is and drill out any of the rot and other issues. Then, they will use a special material that will allow them to fill in the space, sealing it up and preventing it from expanding and getting worse as time goes on. Fillings may need to be refilled as you age, but with the new materials they use, that’s not as common as it used to be.


Extractions are common as well – if there’s a tooth that is causing you an issue or that is not making it easy for you to get through your day to day life, then you may need to get it pulled. You may also be in need of a more complicated extraction, depending on the situation and how you need to take care of things. For example, wisdom teeth may be one of the most common surgical extractions – they usually become impacted in your gums, causing pain and pressure. Because of being impacted, they need to be removed through a surgical procedure.

Implants, Crowns, and Veneers

If you’re missing part or all of a tooth, you do have some procedures that you can consider to give yourself the smile you deserve. Implants are when they put in a new (fake) root and put a fake tooth over it. Crowns are when you replace the outer layer of your tooth with synthetic material, and veneers are on the front of your tooth, covering discoloration, chipping, or other cosmetic issues.

Take some time to make a dental appointment today. Not only will it allow you to get your oral care worked out, but you will feel much more confident about your smile and taking care of your teeth. A good dental practice can partner with you and help you to get the results you deserve to have.