Best Places to Store Cannabis

Whether you purchase small quantities of flower or prefer doing big things and purchase ounces or more, storing your marijuana safely and securely is always important to prolong the potency and lifetime of the plant. Anyone at the Recreational Dispensary near Denver CO will attest to this information.

You certainly cannot leave the flower lying around on a table or counter (especially if you live in a non-legal state) because not only will it dry out and cause the herb to lose potency, but others will see it, and the possibilities here you don’t want to consider. Luckily, stoners and occasional smokers alike have an array of options for cannabis storage. Here’s a look at the best places to keep and store your cannabis.

Cannabis Humidor

Who says weed smoking can’t be elegant? When you store your herb in a cannabis humidor, you are showing your elegance as you protect those buds of love. What is a humidor? Although similar to a tobacco humidor, a marijuana humidor absorbs and emits moisture to keep the marijuana soft and ready to load into a bowl or break down for rolling purposes. The humidor is also made of high-quality wood but does not contain cedar so the smell doesn’t affect the smell or taste of your marijuana Humidors are sold in attractive styles and designs and provide a classy way to store your stash.

Purchase a Marijuana Container

There are tons of cool cannabis container options for you to choose from, each offering its own flair and vibe, but performing the same simple task of safely storing your weed until you’re ready to indulge. You can find containers in small, medium, and large sizes for use at home and for travel. Purchase a couple of containers for safe cannabis keeping.

In a Ziploc Bag

A Ziploc bag is a valuable item for any weed smoker. When the bag is tightly zipped, air doesn’t dry your flower out, but instead, keeps it safely intact and ready to use the next time. Finding a safe storage spot for the Ziploc bag is up to you. Look around your bedroom and throughout the house, and you’ll find many ideas if you let your mind wander.

In a Pill Bottle

If you have an old pill bottle, remove the label and clean any leftover sticky residue. Once clean and dried, storage of small quantities of marijuana is possible. Marijuana stored inside of a pill bottle does really well since it is airtight and dark.

Storage Tips

Here are a few storage tips that will help keep your marijuana potent and smokable longer.

·         Do not store cannabis directly in sunlight

·         Avoid exposure to the air

·         Choose a strong, durable container for marijuana storage because you’re bound to drop it at some point

·         Marijuana thrives in a cool, dark environment

Storing cannabis is fairly simple, regardless of the quantity of herb you have on you at any given time. The storage ideas above are only a handful of the many ideas for safekeeping of your weed. Put these ideas to use and keep your herbal pleasures your little secret.